A partnership of entrepreneurs

Activa Capital is an independent French company, wholly-owned by its management team and backed by first class institutional investors.
This strong entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to growth at Activa Capital help guide mid-market companies to carry out their growth strategies in France and internationally.

An active shareholder

Activa Capital invests in companies, whose turnover ranges from €20 to €600 million. The limited number of investments in its portfolio allows the Activa Capital team to be heavily involved in every investment.

Activa Capital has a proven track record of achieving build-up and external growth for its investment companies. More than 60 build-up transactions have been realised since 2003, of which more than 10 “transformationals” which have more than doubled the turnover of these companies.


Activa Capital has earned the support and trust of first-class institutional investors. Activa Capital’s investors represent some of the world’s largest institutions (Insurance companies, Pension funds, Financial institutions and Family offices).

Activa Capital has a well-established track record in acquiring subsidiaries and divisions of large corporate groups. More than 10 acquisitions have been successfully completed from the following groups: Teleperformance, Nestlé, Laboratoire Aguettant, TNT, Avnet, Bayer Healthcare, Yves Rocher, Randstad, BNP Paribas and Galeries Lafayette.


Activa Capital has a strong experience of investing internationally, both in terms of the profile of its investors and that of its own team members, who are of different nationalities and have a shared experience of investing abroad.

In 2012, Activa Capital cofounded PEN, the Private Equity Network, with three leading European private equity firms in the mid-market segment – ECM (Germany), Graphite Capital (United Kingdom) and MCH (Spain), with the purpose to serve as an exchange platform for skills and experiences on their local markets.

Its priorities are the following:

  • assist with sourcing and European buy-and-build projects;
  • promote portfolio companies and identify build-up opportunities outside Europe;
  • share sector expertise and best practice portfolio management techniques, including operational improvement and management know-how; and
  • identify opportunities for cross-border co-operation.


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