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Cross-sectional analysis of portfolio

Governance and external stakeholders

Activa Capital promotes and supports employee shareholder ownership within its holdings.

All the portfolio companies have put equity investment schemes in place. 8.6% of the employees in Activa Capital’s portfolio are shareholders in their companies.

The commitment policy adopted by Activa Capital promotes the consideration of ESG issues within companies. All companies in the portfolio discuss ESG topics in each Supervisory Board.

Businesses that set up a capital participation mechanism


% of portfolio shareholder employees


Discussion of ESG topics within the Supervisory Board


Source : Activa Capital ESG survey 2017

All holdings have projects in place that aim to adopt the best practice of social responsibility in relation to their sector of activity.


Activa Capital’s ESG policy places employees at the heart of the strategy of its portfolio companies.

n 2017, Activa Capital’s portfolio companies have close to 1,400 employees, thanks to a combination of external growth and organic growth of the businesses. Note that 67 jobs created net are the result of job creation in 4 out of 5 portfolio companies, and not replacing temporary contracts in the 5th company.

*NB: Job creation has been calculated as FTE and takes into account permanent and temporary contracts.


Activa Capital is committed to supporting its investments in reducing their environmental impact. All the industrial companies in the portfolio have adopted initiatives to reduce their impact.

As a result, each of the industrial companies in the portfolio has stabilized or reduced its water consumption.

La politique ESG d’Activa Capital place les salariés au coeur de la stratégie des entreprises en portefeuille.

En 2017, les sociétés du portefeuille d’Activa Capital comptent près de 1 400 salariés, grâce à une combinaison entre croissance externe et croissance organique des entreprises. A noter que les 67 emplois créés en net sont le résultat de création d’emplois dans 4 participations sur 5 et de non remplacement de contrats temporaires dans la 5e entreprise.

*Note : La création d’emplois a été calculée en ETP et prend en compte les contrats permanents et temporaires.

Source : Activa Capital ESG survey 2017

The portfolio companies have a low accident frequency rate compared to the average in their sector of activity.

On average, the workplace accident frequency rate for companies in the portfolio is 4 accidents per million hours worked. It should be noted that in two of the companies no medical leave following an accident occurred in 2017.

Activa Capital’s portfolio contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals

3. Good Health and Well-Being

  • Atlas for men
  • HR Path
  • Look Cycles

Operational Performance

Support for associations favouring health and a healthy lifestyle:

  • Raid Amazones (Atlas for Men)
  • Petit Coeur de Beurre (HR Path)
  • L’étape du Coeur (LOOK Cycle)

Impact of products and services

Look Cycles

Manufacturing and sale of bicycles: positive impact on the health of its customers. Nearly 200,000 bicycles kitted out by LOOK Cycle.

5. Gender Equality

  • Atlas for men

Operational Performance

Contribution to gender equality at work, notably thanks to the important presence of women in governance bodies. The Board of Directors has 44% women among its members.

8. Decent work and economic growth

  • MECADAQ Group

Operational Performance

Improved health at work through installing a machine to filter the air in the workshops.

The accident frequency rate has been divided by 4 in 2017, compared to 2016.

10. Reduced inequalities

  • HR Path

Operational Performance

Setting up a business foundation planned for 2018. Nearly €100,000 has been budgeted in 2017 for the establishment of the Foundation in 2018.

Impact of products and services

Integration of a donation module (“rounded solidarity”) in the payroll software marketed by HR Path. For this first year, the Group has begun to deploy this tool internally and today nearly 20% of HR Path employees use it.

12. Responsible consumption and production

  • Alliance Etiquettes

Operational Performance

Reducing the environmental impact of production thanks to green printing techniques (Imprim’Vert label). 100% of paper printers are certified Imprim’Vert.

16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

  • HR Path
  • Look Cycles

Operational Performance

Adopting a code of good commercial conduct; important in terms of business ethics and the fight against corruption.

Specific project on cybersecurity and the protection of personal data.

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