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Created in 1999, Atlas for Men is a brand of men’s outdoor clothing and accessories sold at attractive prices. Atlas for Men has developed a multichannel distance selling model with a presence in 10 European countries and particularly in France and Germany.

  • Number of employees: 104 (FTE 2017)
  • Turnover: €166m (2017)
  • Investment date: August 2016

ESG Analysis

Materiality and practices put in place

For companies in the distribution sector, supply chain risk management is a priority issue.

Atlas for Men has formalized a guide for suppliers and systematically includes ESG clauses in its purchasing terms.

To strengthen this approach and support the Purchasing team on a daily basis in these ESG initiatives, the Group has recruited a CSR Quality Manager, who arrived in March 2018.

Recruited 6 months after Activa Capital’s investment, the HR Manager at Atlas for Men has made the well-being of the employees and the employer brand her priorities for 2017 and 2018.

During a seminar in September 2017, the teams were able to work together on the values of the company, which made it possible to formulate a coherent and structured HR policy around the needs of the employees. The HR manager has also ensured that 100% of employees benefit from annual and professional interviews.

All these actions have allowed the company to record a low rate of absenteeism (2.4%), bearing in mind that the average rate in the private sector in France is 4.6%.

Source: Activa Capital ESG survey 2017

Spotlight on a project relating to the SDGs

Atlas for Men contributes directly towards SDG 5 which is focused on promoting women’s place in the economy, their financial autonomy and gender equality.

Currently, 75% of Atlas for Men employees are women and the Group is attentive to the appointment of women to management positions and governance bodies..

In 2017, women represented 14% of Supervisory Board members and 44% of the Management Committee.

Atlas for Men also encourages this dynamic through sport, by sponsoring the “Raid Amazones”, the only nature expedition travelling the world and 100% female: in 2017, 4 employees were able to participate thanks to the financial support of the company.

Source: Activa Capital ESG survey 2017

When we talk about team commitment, we have the perfect example. For a few years now, Atlas for Men is the official equipment supplier for “Raid Amazones” (amazon expeditions). Our employees, in particular female employees, let us know they were willing to participate in expeditions, which is why we sent four employees to Cambodia this year to participate in the 2017 Amazon Raid. It’s a women’s expedition with five sporting events spread over five days.

Marc Delamarre


  • Inclusion of ESG clauses in the conditions of purchase
  • ESG Responsible in the Purchase Department


Absenteeism rate


of employees have benefited from yearly reviews

If we talk about values at AFM, there are three words that stand out: the first is the commitment of the employer but also the commitment of employees. The second is agility, this ability to adapt permanently to our environment. The third is respect: we are launching many initiatives to find the balance between professional and personal life, important for our employees.

Gwenaëlle Martin

SDG Exposure

Mecadaq Eng


Founded in 2001, the group HR Path specialises in HR and HRIS solutions and employs 500 consultants in 4 areas of expertise: HR and HRIS consulting, implementation of HRIS, outsourcing of HR solutions, publishing and distribution of HR software.

  • Number of employees: 558 (FTE 2017)
  • Turnover: €69.3m (2017)
  • Investment date: March 2017

ESG Analysis

Materiality and practices put in place

Given the dynamics of its line of business, HR Path has been involved in a job creation process for the past few years. In 2017, the Group created 82 new jobs.

As part of the “Agile Enterprise” approach adopted by HR Path, which promotes employee autonomy and initiative, the Group’s capital was opened up to employees on each of the five capital increases.

This approach also consists in maintaining a low level of hierarchy and a high transparency in communications so as to favour smooth labour relations. The quarterly visit of the founding directors to each of the HR Path sites to share the Group’s news is an example of this.

Source: Activa Capital ESG survey 2017

Spotlight on a project relating to the SDGs

Positive contribution toward SDG 3: good health and well-being for everyone

As a result of an employee initiative, HR Path has developed a donation module (“rounded solidarity”) in the payroll software designed and marketed by the Group, that enables employees to round-down their monthly net income and give the difference to an association.

For this first year, the Group has begun to deploy this tool internally and today nearly 20% of HR Path employees use this form of collaborative sponsorship. In addition, HR Path has put in place a contribution that is added to the donations of its employees.

Employee donations are donated to a charity (Petit Coeur de Beurre) that works for people born with congenital heart disease and their families.

P ositive contribution towards SDG 10: reducing inequality

Following the MySezame training deployed by Activa Capital, HR Path accelerated the project to set up a corporate foundation, a budget of €100,000 was allocated in 2017 for a launch planned for 2018. The objective of the Foundation is the integration through sport of young people in difficulty.

Source: Activa Capital ESG survey 2017

We decided to create a foundation that provides opportunities to young people in difficulty. The aim is to identify young people who are on a troubled path and bring them professional success through the conduit of studies and sport.

Cyril Courtinet & François Boulet
Co-founders of the group


  • +82 Total organic job creation since Activa Capital’s investment
  • 15% % of employee shareholders
Today, more than 15% of employees have invested in the group’s capital. For us, this is a very strong indicator of employee loyalty as those who decide to invest their money in the group testify to their faith in HR Path’s long-term project. For us it is really a very positive element.

Chloé Philibert

Key indicators

  • 20% of employee sponsors via the rounded-down monthly salary
  • 100 K€ HR Path Corporate Foundation Budget (2018)

SDG Exposure

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