In 2009, Activa Capital joins five management companies in founding the Sustainable Development Club of France Invest: the professional association for private equity in France. Within this group, Activa Capital is contributing to the drafting of France Invest’s first Sustainable Development and Private Equity White Paper.

In 2013, Activa Capital publishes its first ESG Charter and pledges to progress and to advance its investments across four areas: optimizing environmental impact, responsible management of human resources, exemplary governance, and responsible and social commitment.

In 2017, Activa Capital strives to continuously strengthen and promote this commitment by working daily to develop a dynamic, sustainable and resilient economy. Our approach now is to involve each of our stakeholders in this commitment. Just as our job is to support committed entrepreneurs, we want to set an example by embodying our vision of the company: innovative, ambitious and responsible.

For more than 10 years, Activa Capital has been committed to ESG: we are convinced that sustainable development is the backbone of SMEs and invaluable for building lasting growth.

  • Our Investments

    Propose a dedicated toolbox and support to accelerate ESG progress and enable business transformation.

  • Our employees

    Involve our teams in the evolution of our business through training and continuous improvement of working conditions.

  • Our peers

    Promote ESG and maximize the sharing of good practice, contributing to the work of the ESG Commission of France Invest.

  • Our social engagement

    Support long-term projects of general interest that are innovative and focused on social inclusion and training for professions of the future.

  • Our investors

    Analyse all our investments from an ESG point of view, and transparently communicate progress made.




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